St. George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church

(Under the Holy See of Patriarchate of Antioch)






St. George Orthodox Syrian Church, Cheppaud







St. George Orthodox Syrian Church

(Yacobaya Pally)



This is the resting place of Cheppaud Mor Dionysios IV, Malankara Metropolitan who presided the Mavelikara Synod and affirmed the Supremacy of Patriarch of Antioch. Our great grandfather’s were active members of this church until 1890. In attraction to the reform movement in the church they joined with reformers and established a Marthoma Church in Cheppaud.


Puthanveetil Rev. Fr. Matthan, Puthanveetil Rev. Fr. Philipose, Kochu Koshy, Tharayil Eittup Eitty were represented this Church at Synod of Mulanthuruthy and signed the Mulanthuruthy Padiyola for and on behalf of the members of this church on 19th Edavam 1051 (30th June 1876).


The seven-century-old murals in Cheppaud St. George Orthodox Church exhibit the Christian traditional paintings.  The paintings are on the walls of the Madbaho of the Church.  It exhibits the events in the life of Jesus Christ from birth to ascension.  It also shows some events of the Old Testament times. The 47 murals are arranged in three lines on three walls of the Madbaho.  The archeological department calculates that the murals are of around 600 years old and drawn with the extracts of green leaves and fruits.


Even though the old church was rebuilt in 1952, because of the murals, the Madbaho was kept intact.  The rare and attractive paintings of St. Paul with a sword, Angels, Jesus bearing the Cross, Jesus is beaten by the soldiers, St. Thomas with a mint, Adam and Eve eating the prohibited fruit, Noah’s Ark etc. shows the mixing of middle eastern Christian painting and Kerala’s mural artwork. By viewing the murals, the visitors of this church get a rare and indescribable experience and travel back through centuries into another world.


Until late nineties this church was known as “Cheppaud Yacobaya Pally” means Cheppaud Jacobite Church. Due to the faction fighting in Malankara now the Church is under the control of Methran Kakshi.


Rev. Dr. Itty Daniel Corespicopa is a member of this Church, born on 24th July 1905 and served the Church till his death in August 1988. Ordain to the priesthood on 27th September 1936 and elevated to Corepisopa in April 1975. He served 43 years at various parishes including this Church. Even in the sad spilt in Malankara he used to visit our homes regularly and was a well wisher of our Church. He is the author of the "Malabar Church and Orthodox Churches". This work earned for him the doctorate from the Erasmus Theological College, California. The Philosophical Society of England had honored him with the degree FPLS for his essay on "Philosophy Of Buddhism".




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